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We want this page to be your go-to hub for nurturing your child's faith!

We understand the importance of parents in the spiritual life of their children. We want to partner with you and that's why we've created this comprehensive resource center with you in mind! Explore insightful articles, practical guides, and interactive tools to help you raise your children in our faith. We want to help you to be intentional with the time you have today! Please take advantage of these resources while knowing your family is in our prayers!  

Parenting on Purpose

Welcome to our video series!  We are dedicated to supporting you in your journey of intentional parenting! We believe that parenting is one of the most important and rewarding roles we can have, but it can also be challenging and overwhelming. We want to partner with you as you disciple your children. Parenting on Purpose exists to share practical tips and offer guidance and support to you. Our videos are designed to encourage and equip parents to create intentional and meaningful connections with their children based on the love of Christ. Whether you're a new parent or have been parenting for years, we believe that these videos will inspire you to be intentional in your parenting and help you cultivate a deeper relationship with God and your children.

Summer Family Discipleship Resources

Each of the resources below is part of a bundle designed to provide families with practical tools you can use to lead spiritual exercises and conversations that will help your kids grow in their faith and position you to be the primary spiritual leader for your family. Each of the resources offers a different experience, and you can use one or multiple of them as you seek to help your kids grow into true disciples of Jesus.

Family Bible
Study of John

This is designed to help parents lead their kids through a book of the Bible and have spiritual conversations as a family. This study is all done for you and is simple to use. It includes:
  • Book Summary that comes complete with descriptions of the setting, overview, and theme of John.
  • Daily Reading Plan that breaks John down chapter by chapter into seven themes.
  • Family Journal sheets help guide the reader’s thoughts through each chapter.

Big Questions.
Simple Answers.

This is a brief e-book that offers parents a way to learn and explain to their children the Bible’s Big Story in an easy-to-understand format.
The topics are:
  • What is the Bible?
  • What is the Big Story of the Bible?
  • Who is God’s Family?
  • Why do we have Four Gospels?

30 Days
30 Words

These are 30 different image-driven devotions that parents can do with their children. Each short devotion is creative, relevant, biblically solid, and just as unique as your child.

Conversation Guides

Sometimes the conversations that matter most can be the scariest to have. What do you say when a kid or teenager asks a question you didn’t expect or shares something surprising? These Parent Conversation Guides provide best practices, prompts, and language to help conversations about faith, sex, and anxiety matter more. See below to download!  





Sexual Integrity


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